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Dockerized service to run Grunt tasks.
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This repo contains Grunt, a dockerized service to run Grunt tasks.

Grunt let's us automate tasks when building web applications. For example, we run tasks to compress our web files (images, js, css) to serve them more efficiently, also we run tasks to check the code format (jshint, scsshint), or we can also run watchers to execute tasks when files are modified. If you are new to Grunt we recommend you to check the official documentation first.

Getting started



Check the configuring tasks section of the Grunt official documentation as a guideline for configuring your tasks.


This service is meant to start a docker container, run a grunt task and then be removed when the task is completed. For example:

docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/srv -w="/srv/src/resource" huli/grunt jshint

The above comand will start a docker container with the huli/grunt image, mounting the folder project in the /srv folder and setting /srv/src/resource as the working directory, this should be the folder where the Gruntfile.js is located. Finally it will run npm install and execute the jshint task.

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