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Short Description
An tool for aggregating information about open merge requests in GitLab.
Full Description

mrnag ("Mr. Nag")

mrnag is an Emacs package that aggregates information about open merge
requests in one or more GitLab projects.

The default configuration publishes information about these merge requests to an
org-mode buffer, but this backend can be replaced with a custom publisher.


mrnag does not have any external dependencies and fully integrates with the
Emacs Package Manager

To install mrnag:

M-x package-install-file <path-to-mrnag>/mrnag.el


You will need the following information to configure mrnag:

  • The base URL for GitLab
  • A GitLab authentication token
  • The name and GitLab project id for one or more projects

To configure mrnag use the eval-after-load function. This ensures that the
package has been loaded before it is configured.

(eval-after-load "mrnag"
  (lambda ()
    (setq mrnag-gitlab-baseurl ""
          mrnag-gitlab-token   "<your-token-here>"
          mrnag-projects-alist '(("foo" . 123)
                                 ("bar" . 456)))))


To generate a report of open merge requests:

M-x mrnag

Custom Publisher Backends

Custom publishers can be defined by implementing a function that accepts a list
of project association lists
and registering that function with mrnag.

Project association lists contains up to five keys:

  • id

    The numeric id or namespace/projectname in Gitlab.

  • name

    A displayable name for the project.

  • merge-requests

    A vector of open merge requests. Each item in the vector is an alist
    representation of a merge request in GitLab's List Merge Requests API.

  • project-url

    The project's browsable URL.

  • avatar_url

    The link to the project's avatar, if one is defined.

Registering Publishers

To register a publisher, add it to mrnag-publishers-alist. This variable is an
alist whose elements in the form (symbol . function):

Activating Publishers

To activate your publisher, set the mrnag-publisher variable to it's
registered symbol in mrnag-publishers-alist.


To build the mrnag Docker image:

$ docker build -t mrnag:latest .

To run the mrnag Docker image:

$ docker run \
         -it \
         --rm \
         -e MRNAG_GITLAB_BASEURL="https://<your-gitlab-host>/api/v3" \
         -e MRNAG_GITLAB_TOKEN="<your-gitlab-access-token>" \
         -e MRNAG_SLACK_WEBHOOK_URL="<your-slack-incoming-webhook>" \
         -e MRNAG_PROJECTS="<pipe-delimited-name-id-pairs>" \

NOTE: MRNAG_PROJECTS is a pipe delimited list of name/id pairs in the form
name=id. For example:

MRNAG_PROJECTS="Project A=123|Project B=456"

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