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MySQL on docker
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  • This repository provides an easy-to-deploy, dockerised, mysql-server.
  • The container is running mysql-server-5.5 on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.


  • Replace or modify the provided conf/my.cnf to suit your preferences.


  1. Clone the repo and cd into it
  2. Build the image with docker build -t hungdn/mysql .
  3. Run the container docker run -d --name mysql -v /var/lib/mysql:/<your>/<volume> hungdn/mysql
    • Add -p xx.xx.xx.xx:3306:3306 to expose the server or simply link it to another container
    • name the container with --name mysql for easy linking
    • persist your data by mounting a volume with -v /var/lib/mysql:/<your>/<volume>
  4. Get your (random) admin credentials by running docker logs -f <id> on the previously created container.


At this stage if your do not mount a volume on /var/lib/mysql (and persist the data in the container), the build script will fail to create the admin account, giving you no remote access to the container.
This will be fixed in a future release, although you really should consider keeping the data outside of the container to simplify your backup strategy.


The root account for mysql-server is created with root as password. This may seem insecure, however keep in mind that this account can only be accessed from localhost, ie, from the container itself.

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