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Docker image for Intel NUC gateway with MRAA libraries installed
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To use with NUC + Arduino 101, just run the docker image in a container with command:
docker run -ti --device=/dev/ttyACM0 huzefank/gateway-mraa

It will take some time (~3 mins on a core i7 gateway and ~10 mins on an Atom gateway) to install all the dependencies. Once on the prompt test the setup using a led-blink program to blink a LED on Arduino 101 board.

cd /root/led-blink
node main.js

Note: If the Gateway has WR Linux installed this should just work, if it has Ubuntu installed the Modem manager might be holding up the ttyACM0 port for which it has to be disabled (check running services and stop Modem service using ttyACM0 port)

If upm libraries are required, they can be installed with command
npm install upm -g

Any additional UPM libraries (for e.g. LCD) can be installed separately as required
npm install jsupm_i2clcd -g

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