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Alpine + grep sed tar unzip libcap su-exec
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docker image: alpinebase [Layer 1]

This layer 1 docker image is built upon alpine image 3.6 tag with edge enhancement,
which itself is built from Alpine Linux v3.6
branch for best support of DNS search paths and new packages, such as apks@edge/testing repository.
If the intent is to be a minimal base for single-service containers, using @testing is not expected to cause issues.
For multi-process containers, it may generate some unexpected results. Please do more testing before production.


Install su-exec instead of gosu to restrict user privileges. Symlink sux->su-exec. Usage:
exec sux daemon cmdname which drops root privileges to act as user daemon.


Packages: grep sed tar unzip libcap su-exec

Files and Folders:




    abspath     fpack           getrow        pubip         uriport
    bktohome    fprepend        getsshdport   shsrc         uriproto
    cecho       fsplit          hasgitbranch  shuser        uriquery
    chmods      fsubst          hiver         srcatrun      uriuser
    copy_allto  fsubstn         isaport       strlen        urlaccount
    delswp      fsubsts         iscommand     strlens       urldomain
    dotload     funpack         isdigit       symln_allto   urlfile
    ecalc       genpasswd       isdomain      uniqfy        urlfileext
    ecol        gensshkeypair   isfunction    uniqstr       urlfilename
    efilter     gensshpubkey    isgitchanged  unlink_allto  urlfull
    efilters    gensslcrt       isgitrepo     unquote       urlhost
    epos        gensslcsr       isipv4        upper         urlonly
    erev        gensslkey       killzb        uriaccount    urlpass
    erevs       gensslpem       load_allfr    uridomain     urlpath
    erow        getcol          lower         urifile       urlpathonly
    escape      getpid          lr            urifileext    urlport
    escapes     getpidsbyglob   lsports       urifilename   urlproto
    estrip      getpidsbyname   ncols         urifull       urlquery
    estrips     getpnamebyid    nkill         urihost       urluser
    esubst      getpos          normpath      urionly       userhome
    esubsts     getppath        nrows         uripass       waiton
    fappend     getprocsbyglob  prvip         uripath       whichis
    finsert     getrndaport     psbpath       uripathonly


    www         [Owner:www-data:www-data]

Users and Groups:


libcap Usage and Caveats

Use setcap@libcap to grant PORT<=1024 access to non-root system users(UID<=999) such as 80, 443 etc. Usage:
setcap CAP_NET_BIND_SERVICE=+eip /usr/bin/go-dnsmasq
setcap will fail during docker image building if the host kernel hadn't been compiled with a proper config line CONFIG_AUFS_XATTR=y for the aufs filesystem driver.
Check if the kernel has it: grep AUFS /boot/config* or grep AUFS_X /boot/config*

Workarounds(Don't choose aufs):
In default config /etc/default/docker or systemd service unit /lib/systemd/system/docker.service add a line or edit an existing DOCKER_OPTS line:
--mtu 1400 --storage-driver=devicemapper to use DeviceMapper, OR
--mtu 1400 --storage-driver=overlay to use OverlayFS/2 if possible.
sudo systemctl restart docker.service and build docker image with setcap agian.


  • latest tracks the latest tag from upstream
  • 36e indicates the os version of the edge, i.e, 36e=3.6+edge

This includes the edge @community and @edge, @testing repositories where @ means masked.
To install them, please use apk-install pkg1@edge pkg2@community pkg3@testing.


Apache 2.0

Docker Pull Command
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