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Docker and AWS Elastic Beanstalk CLI (awsebcli)
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Docker and AWS Elastic Beanstalk CLI (awsebcli)


  • Why not
  • You do not want to install awsebcli on your system
  • Automate builds w/ Jenkins w/o affecting the jenkins envrionment

Build docker image locally

docker build -t eb .


There are 2 steps that are required to be performed:

  • handling the AWS credentials
  • handling the code

Passing AWS credentials

The AWS credentials can be passed with the environment variables or via the config file.

docker run -ti --rm -v ~/.aws:/root/.aws:ro eb list
docker run -ti --rm -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=$AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=$AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY v ~/.aws:/root/.aws:ro eb list

Handling the app code

Let's assume that the app to be deployed is inside the src/ folder. We would mount the volume at operate

docker run -ti --rm --volume `pwd`/src:/aws/ --volume ~/.aws:/root/.aws:ro eb init
docker run -ti --rm --volume `pwd`/src:/aws/ --volume ~/.aws:/root/.aws:ro eb list
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