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This is an image that serves as the basis for various functions within the hyperledger fabric workflow such as chaincode compilation/execution, unit-testing, and even cluster simulation. It is based on ubuntu with various opensource projects added such as golang, rocksdb, grpc, and node.js. The actual hyperledger fabric code is injected just-in-time before deployment.

Why is there no :latest tag? We tightly couple the software to the docker image, so the software is always retrieving the exact version it wants.

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8 months ago

docker pull hyperledger/fabric-baseimage:x86_64-0.3.0 worked for me, just check for the latest tag on the tags tab above

a year ago

Tag x86_64-0.1.0 not found in repository hyperledger/fabric-baseimage. How can i fix this problem?

a year ago

Tag latest not found in repository