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docker run hyperpilot/slow_cooker -h
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Flag Default Description
-qps 1 QPS to send to backends per request thread.
-concurrency 1 Number of goroutines to run, each at the specified QPS level. Measure total QPS as qps * concurrency.
-compress <unset> If set, ask for compressed responses.
-data <none> Include the specified body data in requests. If the data starts with a '@' the remaining value will be treated as a file path to read the body data from, or if the data value is '@-', the body data will be read from stdin.
-header <none> Adds additional headers to each request. Can be specified multiple times. Format is key: value.
-host <none> Overrides the default host header value that's set on each request.
-interval 10s How often to report stats to stdout.
-method GET Determines which HTTP method to use when making the request.
-metric-addr <none> Address to use when serving the Prometheus /metrics endpoint. No metrics are served if unset. Format is host:port or :port.
-metric-server-backend <none> Choose which metric server should be use. Value can be promethus or influxdb
-influx-username <unset> InfluxDB login user name
-influx-password <unset> InfluxDB login passsword
-influx-database metrics Define which database should use. please make sure target database is exists
-noLatencySummary <unset> If set, don't print the latency histogram report at the end.
-noreuse <unset> If set, do not reuse connections. Default is to reuse connections.
-reportLatenciesCSV <none> Filename to write CSV latency values. Format of CSV is millisecond buckets with number of requests in each bucket.
-totalRequests <none> Exit after sending this many requests.
-help <unset> If set, print all available flags and exit.
-hashSampleRate 0.0 Sampe Rate for checking request body's hash. Interval in the range of [0.0, 1.0]
-hashValue <none> fnv-1a hash value to check the request body against
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