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RPi-compatible Docker Image with io.js
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Raspberry Pi compatible Docker base image with io.js.

How to use this image

If you want to distribute your application on the docker registry, create a Dockerfile in the root of application directory:

FROM hypriot/rpi-iojs:onbuild

# Expose the ports that your app uses. For example:

Then simply run:

$ docker build -t rpi-iojs-app .
$ docker run --rm -it rpi-iojs-app

To run a single script, you can mount it in a volume under /usr/src/app. From the root of your application directory (assuming your script is named index.js):

$ docker run -v ${PWD}:/usr/src/app -w /usr/src/app -it --rm hypriot/rpi-iojs iojs index.js


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