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Gitit wiki on Docker. Based on debian.
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A Dockerfile for the Gitit Wiki. There is no default user, you can register directly in the wiki.


For a first installation (if you don't already use Gitit) :

sudo docker run -d --name gitit -p 80:5001 hyzual/gitit

To use an existing Gitit wiki (assuming it's installed at /home/gitit/wiki), mount it as a volume :

sudo docker run -d --name gitit -p 80:5001 -v /home/gitit/wiki:/data hyzual/gitit



/data/gitit.conf should contain the configuration file for gitit. If you don't provide it using the volume, a default one will be created.

Gitit will also create the following when started :

  • /data/static/ contains static (css and img) files used by gitit.
  • /data/templates/ contains HStringTemplate templates for wiki pages.
  • /data/wikidata/ contains the Git repo where all pages are stored.



Gitit webserver port

Docker Pull Command
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