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Logspout container for Docker and Loggly.

This repo follows this suggested pattern from logspout

You can build the image yourself

docker build -t your-user-name/logspout-loggly ./

and, optionally, push it to your own repo

docker push your-user-name/logspout-loggly

or you can pull a prebuilt image

docker pull iamatypeofwalrus/logspout-loggly

How to run

docker run -d \
  -e 'LOGGLY_TOKEN=<token>' \
  -e 'LOGGLY_TAGS=<comma-delimited-list>' \
  -e 'FILTER_NAME=<wildcard-container-name>' \
  --volume /var/run/docker.sock:/tmp/docker.sock \

How it works

Instead of linking containers together or bothering with syslog or remote syslog this container follows the 12 Factor app logging philosophy. If your docker container(s) log(s) to STDOUT this image will pick up that stream from the docker daemon send those events to Loggly.

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Comments (2)
5 days ago

Any chance we can get a new build of this awesome container? The versions have become quite old.

a year ago

pretty cool, and the output actually is broken in fields in Loggly.

How could we get a message about the (re)start of this container into the output stream? I now see all containers in my deployment, except this one.