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Peer-to-peer video chat that works. It's tuber-time!
Full Description

Video chat with up to 15 people (limited only by user interface)
Buttons to selectively mute audio and turn off video
Client and server written in a single language: JavaScript
Supported without client software by browsers with WebRTC

Does not require client software
Does not require a Google+ account
Does not send video stream through a 3rd party
Does not spike your CPU at 100% utilization

Run Docker
$ docker run --name tubertc -it -d -p 8080:8080 iamr3x/tubertc:0.1

Q: I'm using Chrome and I get a PermissionDeniedError
A:Chrome 47 and higher block non-TLS access to WebRTC. Try accessing Tuber with HTTPS. If you would like to help us develop Tuber, please consider writing tools that assist with the creation and installation of TLS certificates for local installations.

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