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Colossal Cave Adventure

Rick Adams has a great history of the versions of Adventure.

This docker image is built from the Adventure 6 version, using f2c and the fortran source.

The docker hub page is ianblenke/adventure, and the github source repository is ianblenke/docker-adventure.

When run interactively, you will see:

<Generic Adventure 551 -- Version:6.6, August 1990>
Welcome to ADVENTURE!!  Would you like instructions?


From the original README upon which this docker image is built:

'Generic Adventure 551' is a cleaned up and enhanced version of the
old classic text game `Adventure'. It is based on a version close to the
seriously non-portable (and buggy) version for Primes posted last spring. I
have done a fair job of cleaning it up, portabilizing it, and debugging, but
it is still Fortran spaghetti. For you with no Fortran compilers, this is the
excuse you need to get "f2c" working!!! It has worked on the IBM-PC, VMS, the
MIPS 120, the IBM RISCstation 600, the VAX/Ultrix, and a Prime. It will
however expose toy Fortran compilers as just that - toys. I would like to
thank Larry Estep for finding some hidden bugs.

For those that have not experienced this, the very first text adventure game,
it is a romp through the darkest reaches of Colossal Cave in search of
riches. You will find evocative descriptions of the darker, more mysterious
places of the earth, and severely test your abilities to map the
contortions of the cave. You will find some hard - and some deceptively
easy - puzzles to solve.

Doug McDonald

Build this docker image locally if you wish:

docker build -t $USER/adventure .

Or pull from the autobuild image, or simply reference it in a docker run:

docker pull ianblenke/adventure

Run this docker container without any arguments to spawn a wetty tty web interface in the background:

docker run -d --name adventure -p 3000:3000 ianblenke/adventure

Now open a web browser to http://{your docker host}:3000/

Alternatively, run the /adventure/adventure binary to run adventure interactively in your current terminal:

docker run -ti --rm -p 3000:3000 ianblenke/adventure /adventure/adventure
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