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ceph-dash with CoreOS Deis cloud-init
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This is a Dockerfile project to dockerize Crapworks/ceph-dash.

This is an autobuild project for the docker hub image ianblenke/ceph-dash.

You can build this yourself locally using standard docker build syntax:

docker build -t `whoami`/ceph-dashboard .

If you have a Deis cluster, for example, you can run this and get a ceph dashboard:

docker run --rm --name ceph-dashboard -p 15000:5000 --volumes-from deis-store-monitor-data ianblenke/ceph-dashboard

Along with that, you would need to tell deis-router a little about it:

. /etc/environment
echo -n ${COREOS_PRIVATE_IPV4}:15000 | etcdctl set /deis/services/ceph-dash/ceph-dash.1

You should then be able to open a browser to ceph-dash at your wildcard domain, ie:

Alternatively, there is a in this project that can be used to install this as a fleet unit:

sudo coreos-cloudinit

Or simply add the contents of this file to your Deis cloud-init user-data yaml file.

You could also probably PaaS deploy this with some effort. If you manage that, please fork this project and generate a PR with some instructions!

Monitoring / Alerting

With this deployed, you can now poll for parsable json with something like:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json"
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