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EchoPlexus for docker with multiple container linkage

This image runs a linkable EchoPlexus instance.

There is an automated build repository on docker hub for ianblenke/echoplexus.

This project was roughly based on the sameersbn/gitlab project.

The scripts/init script generates a src/server/ file containing the variables as passed as per normal EchoPlexus documentation.
The same environment variables that would be used for Heroku PaaS deployment are used by this script.

The scripts/init script is aware of a redis linked container through the environment variables:


If you do not link a redis container, a built-in redis-server will be started.

Additionally, the database variables may be overridden from the above:


The CMD launches EchoPlexus via the scripts/init script. This may become the ENTRYPOINT later. EchoPlexus should start up very quickly.


Simple stand-alone usage:

docker run -it -p 5000:5000 ianblenke/echoplexus

To link to another redis container, for example:

docker run --rm --name dockerfile_redis -p 6379 \
docker run --rm --name echoplexus --link dockerfile_redis:REDIS -p 8080:8080 \

Environment Variables

There are other environment variables of note, as used by the scripts/init script to generate the src/servers/ file:

${USE_NODE_SSL:-false}                     # only necessary if you're not having nginx proxy through to node
${IRC_SERVER:-false}                       # beta atm, you may not want to enable this as server stability isn't guaranteed
${LOG:-true}                               # keeps a log server-side for participants who may have been offline
${WEBSHOT_PREVIEWS_ENABLED:-true}          #
${PHANTOMJS_PATH:-/usr/bin/phantomjs}      # sudo apt-get install phantomjs
${RATE_LIMITING_RATE:-5.0}                 # allowed # messages
${RATE_LIMITING_PER:-8000.0}               # per # of seconds
${EDIT_ALLOW_UNIDENTIFIED:-true}            # whether anonymous users can edit their messages within the context of the same session
${MAXIMUM_TIME_DELTA:-(1000 * 60 * 60 * 2)} # after 2 hours, chat messages will not be editable, delete property to enable indefinitely
${SERVER_HOSTED_FILE_TRANSFER:-${CLIENT_MAX_BODY_SIZE:-10mb}} # nginx user? make sure this matches your nginx configuration: e.g., look for line `client_max_body_size 10M;`

Building on your own

You don't need to do this on your own, because there is an automated build for this repository, but if you really want:

docker build --rm=true --tag={yourname}/echoplexus .


The source is available on GitHub.

Please feel free to submit pull requests and/or fork at your leisure.

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