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This is a docker image for empire built from the sourceforge empserver source

A quick example of running this image:

docker run -d --name empire -p 3000:3000 -p 6665:6665 ianblenke/empire

The wetty web port is 3000, and the empserver protocol port is 6665 for empire clients to connect to remotely (not necessary for wetty based single-container deployment).

Passing an ECONFIG environment variable in key=value,key2=value,... format will generate an empire econfig file.

If an /empserver/newcap_script doesn't yet exist, it will be created using fairland 10 30 or fairland ${FAIRLAND_OPTS} if that is defined.

The persistence VOLUME exported is /empserver. This can, and probably should, be mapped to a persistent docker host path or another stopped volume container, ie:

docker run -d \
           --name empire-data \
           ianblenke/empire \
           echo "Backing store for empire"
docker run -ti \
           --rm \
           --name empire \
           --volumes-from empire-data \
           -p 3000:3000 \
           -p 6665:6665 \
           -e FAIRLAND_OPTS="10 30" \

By default, "files" is run, which regenerates the game. Setting DO_NOT_RUN_FILES will prevent that from happening if run in the background after initially seeded above:

docker run -d \
           --name empire \
           --volumes-from empire-data \
           -p 3000:3000 \
           -p 6665:6665 \
           -e DO_NOT_RUN_FILES=1 \

Now open a web browser to http://{your docker host}:3000/

Country name? POGO
Your name? peter

You can then execute the fairland created script to create countries and the visitor/visitor login:

[0:640] Command : exec /empserver/newcap_script

For help, try info.

To change the deity password, use change re <password>.

Your game is now up!

Anyone who hits that URL will get a unique empire client session talking to the server.


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