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OpenNMS for docker with multiple container linkage

This image runs a linkable OpenNMS

There is an automated build repository on docker hub for ianblenke/opennms.

This project was roughly based on the sameersbn/gitlab project.

The scripts/init script is aware of a postgres linked container named db through the environment variables:


Its recommended to use an image that allows you to create a database via environmental variables at docker run, like paintedfox / postgresql, so the db is populated when this script runs.

If paintedfox / postgreql is used, for example, the following environment variables will also be auto-inherited when the container is linked with the name db.


The above variables are also used instead of the defaults if they are available.

If you do not link a database container, a built-in postgresql database will be started.
There is an exported docker volume of /var/lib/postgresql to allow persistence of that postgresql database.

Additionally, the database variables may be overridden from the above using:


This script will create and run database migrations which should be idempotent.

This idempotent seeding initially defines the "admin" user with a default password of "admin" as per the standard OpenNMS documentation.

The CMD launches Huginn via the scripts/init script. This may become the ENTRYPOINT later. It does take about a minute for OpenNMS to come up. Use environmental variables that match your DB's creds to ensure it works.


Simple stand-alone usage:

docker run -it -p 8980:8980 ianblenke/opennms

To link to another postgresql container, for example:

docker run --rm --name postgresql -p 5432 -e USER=opennms -e PASS=verysecretpassword -e DB=opennms paintedfox/postgresql
docker run --rm --name huginn --link postgresql:db -p 8980:8980 ianblenke/opennms

Then visit the website in your browser:


The default initial login is admin, and password is admin.

Environment Variables

As mentioned above, there are a few key environment variables that default to a locally running postgresql server, but may be changed:


Note: if you specify a password above, the OpenNMS script will error out, as it assumes that the pg_hba.conf database config has been opened up to "trust" anything that connects to it. This means that only works when the built-in postgres database is used, and will obviously not work with a linked postgres container such as paintedfox / postgreql.

Building on your own

The JDBC connection pooling has a few configurable knobs using environment variables:

<connection-pool factory="${JDBC_CONNECTION_FACTORY:-org.opennms.core.db.C3P0ConnectionFactory}"
 maxSize="${JDBC_MAX_SIZE:-500}" />

You don't need to do this on your own, because there is an automated build for this repository, but if you really want:

docker build --rm=true --tag={yourname}/opennms .


The source is available on GitHub.

Please feel free to submit pull requests and/or fork at your leisure.

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