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This is a golang based StatsD Server for Librato

This was forked from timehop/statsd-librato which provides support for percentiles and timers and backport-merged with the project it was forked from, jcoene/statsd-librato, which was itself forked from jbuchbinder/statsd-go and altered to provide support for Librato as a submission backend.


Run the container with suitable variables and/or commandline arguments (the ENTRYPOINT for this container is the statsd-librato runtime):

sudo docker run -p 8125:8125/udp -e -e LIBRATO_TOKEN=ABCD1234 -e LIBRATO_SOURCE=dev ianblenke/statsd-librato -flush=60

You can test that everything is working with a simple echo to nc:

 echo "metric.test.success:1|c" | nc -w 1 -u 8125

And you should see the below spit out from your docker container if it is running in the foreground (within 60 seconds):

 [info]  (statsd-librato) 1 measurements sent


The statsd-librato runtime takes a number of parameters.

Usage of statsd:
  -address="": udp listen address
  -debug=false: enable logging of inputs and submissions
  -flush=60: interval at which data is sent to librato (in seconds)
  -percentiles="": comma separated list of percentiles to calculate for timers (eg. "95,99.5")
  -source="": librato api source (LIBRATO_SOURCE)
  -token="": librato api token (LIBRATO_TOKEN)
  -user="": librato api username (LIBRATO_USER)


From Source:

Build the docker container image with:

sudo docker build -t yourname/statsd-librato .

Alternatively, build the go binary using make build

From Binary:

Binary releases for the upstream version from which this project was forked are available for linux/amd64 and darwin/amd64. See the releases page for the latest downloads.

With Chef:

There's a cookbook! See statsd-librato-cookbook.


MIT License, see LICENSE for details.

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