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Short Description
Portable, replicable, consistent, development environment using zsh and vim.
Full Description

Dev environment completely in docker. This keeps your desktop nice and clean so when something goes wrong in your dev env it dosen't screw up your entire system.

Goals of this project

Create a linux work space that

  • portable
  • consistent
  • destroyable

Start container with volumes attached


  • [x] create running image with vim and zsh
  • [ ] split into two images (base + IanEdington dotfiles)
  • [ ] make image smaller:
    • [ ] remove vim build-deps
    • [ ] remove YouCompleteMe build-deps
  • [ ] add image version for vanilla Yard
  • [ ] implement node deps with yarn instead of npm
  • [ ] compile YouCompleteMe with c# and rust completion


docker run -it -v ~/Code:/code -v ~/Google/Learn:/learn --name container_name ie/java:dev

Attach to that container

docker exec -it container_name zsh

Give credit where credit is due

This project wouldn't be possible without the prior art.
Thank you to the following inspirations.

@JAremko for alpine-vim
@skwp for Yadr dotfiles

Docker Pull Command