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This repository contains one of the IBM supported Docker images for running the Hyperledger Composer
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IBM Blockchain Images

IBM Blockchain Docker images are based on Hyperledger Composer with a number of enhancements for serviceability.

These images are a technical preview of Hyperledger Composer that supports Hyperledger Fabric v1.1. These images include capabilities that allow users to model out their blockchain use case, create APIs for a business network, and deploy applications and APIs to a live running blockchain network.

Once testing is complete, IBM signs the images and places them on the IBM Blockchain Docker Hub repository ( Eligibility for an IBM support agreement is based on the use of these images.


In order to use this image, it is necessary to accept the terms of the IBM Blockchain Platform: Develop license. The license is available online: International License Agreement for Early Release of Programs

The license is also available within the image. The directory /home/composer/LICENSE contains a copy of the license file for multiple languages. For example:

$ docker run ibmblockchain/composer-rest-server cat /home/composer/LICENSE/LI_en


From this site, you can access IBM Blockchain Docker images, information, and links to successfully download and run IBM Blockchain. IBM Blockchain is an implementation based upon the Linux Foundation's open source Hyperledger Composer project. This open source project consists of code contributions by active Hyperledger Composer members. The IBM Blockchain code is based upon the Hyperledger Composer v0.16 code level.

Technical Support

Technical support may be purchased only when using the IBM Blockchain images available from the IBM Blockchain Docker Hub repository. Support will not be provided for images that have been altered. Please see the Getting Support section below for more information.

Samples provided for blockchain network setup are intended only as examples, and should not be used as a prescription for setting up, administering, and operating an individual blockchain network or solution. For additional help setting up and operating a blockchain network, IBM recommends use of IBM Lab Services.
Additional information can be found below under the heading Documentation Links.

Supported Platforms

The list of supported platforms for this IBM Blockchain image is available in the IBM Blockchain Platform: Develop documentation: Supported Operating Environments

Sample Network Setup

Refer to the IBM Blockchain Platform documentation for an example of using the IBM Blockchain images and Kubernetes to deploy a development environment to the IBM Cloud Container Service: Develop in a cloud sandbox

Documentation Links

For additional learning and assistance on administering and operating a blockchain network, refer to the following links:

Educational information: IBM DeveloperWorks
Educational and technical information: IBM Blockchain Platform: Develop Documentation
Docker specific information: Docker Documentation
FAQs and troubleshooting: Stack Overflow

Getting Support

When building production networks, IBM offers technical support which can be purchased. Start by ordering through Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express

Additional Support Channels

Connect with IBM Blockchain expertise at the IBM Blockchain Support page.
Rocket.Chat is a great resource to consult with the Hyperledger Composer community and component subject matter experts.

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