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UrbanCode Deploy Agent
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UCD Agent Running in Docker

Run the UCD Agent in Docker:
docker run -d --add-host="ucd-server:$UCD_SERVER_IP" -v /:$MOUNT_LOCATION -t ibmcom/ucda[:$AGENT_DOCKER_VERSION]

Where the following user defined variables are set or replaced with values:

  • $UCD_SERVER_IP The IP address (or URL) of the UCD Server to which the agent will connect.
  • $MOUNT_LOCATION The location inside docker to mount the host filesystem (use something like /mnt/hostFS)
  • $AGENT_DOCKER_VERSION The version of the agent to run. Omitting this parameter pulls the latest release.

Steps required to use containerized agents in your UCD environment:

  1. Open the UrbanCode deploy web interface and navigate to Resources > Agents
  2. Select a dockerized agent from the list and navigate to its configuration
  3. Select the Agent Properties item and add the property BASE_DIRECTORY with the value $MOUNT_LOCATION
  4. Edit your default working directory for all components using this dockerized resource to be prefixed with ${p:resource/BASE_DIRECTORY}

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IBM UrbanCode software contained within these images is licensed under the IBM International License Agreement for Evaluation of Programs

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7 months ago

How do I configure the Agent to connect to a relay?