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XL Fortran for Linux, Community Edition
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XL Fortran for Linux, Community Edition


This image contains the XL Fortran for Linux, Community Edition compiler, it's installation dependencies, and some common development tools (vim-tiny, make, autoconf, automake).

For the details how this ibmcom/xlf-ce image was built, see xlf-community-edition-dockerfile.

Note: Before installing additional packages using apt-get, update the package lists using 'apt-get update'. This image is currently based on ppc64le/ubuntu:

    FROM ppc64le/ubuntu:16.04


To run this image interactively:

    docker run -ti ibmcom/xlf-ce

The entrypoint is a script that will interactively display the license text and then configure the compiler.
To automatically accept the license, add "-e LICENSE=accept" to your run command:

    docker run -ti -e LICENSE=accept ibmcom/xlf-ce

You may also want to mount a directory that contains your source using -v. If your source is in /home/user/source, run:

    docker run -ti -e LICENSE=accept -v /home/user/source:/source ibmcom/xlf-ce

Here is an example of compiling and running hello world in non-interactive mode:

    docker run -e LICENSE=accept -v /home/user/source:/source --workdir /source ibmcom/xlf-ce bash -cx 'xlf -O3 hello.f -o hello && ./hello'  
+ xlf -O3 hello.f -o hello
** main   === End of Compilation 1 ===
1501-510  Compilation successful for file hello.f.
+ ./hello
Hello Fortran World!


Documentation can be found in the XL Fortran for Linux documentation library, product information can be found at XL Fortran for Linux.

Providing feedback

XL Fortran Community Edition is a no-charge product (unlimited license for production use) and does not include official IBM support.
You can provide feedback at the XL on POWER Community Edition forum.


All contributions to xlf-community-edition-dockerfile require a comment in the pull request to indicate you accept the terms in DCO.1.1.txt (example below):
DCO 1.1 Signed-off-by: Ray Kivisto rkivisto at


The Dockerfile is licensed under Apache License, Version 2.0.
XL Fortran Community Edition is licensed under the International License Agreement for Non-Warranted Programs.

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