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Openldap container
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Openldap container

This container can be run on openshift using a provided random uid.
Configuration (what is usually in /etc/openldap) has to be mounted in /data/ldap/config, the data will reside in /data/ldap/data.

Basic Usage

Provide an openldap configuration (/etc/openldap) directory in /data/ldap/config and its (/var/lib/ldap) in /data/ldap/data. Then start the container. It will listen on Port 33389 (or when setting LDAP_LISTEN_URIS to these URIs).

R/o Replicas

Usecase is r/o openldap servers as sidecars without maintaining state on the leader openldap server (provider).

The simple consumer config will set up an openldap server that will replicate the $LDAP_SYNC_DB_DN database (e.g. olcDatabase={1}mdb,cn=config) and all the provider's schemas.

To set it up, the following environment variables have to be set.

  • LDAP_SYNC_DB_DN, the database to replicate,
  • LDAP_PROVIDER_URI, the openldap server providing the database,
  • LDAP_SYNC_BINDDN, the sync user's bind dn (as configured on the provider),
  • LDAP_SYNC_PASSWORD, the sync user's password,
  • LDAP_SYNC_INTERVAL, the interval to sync (defaults to "00:00:30:00", half an hour).

Advanced Replication

Multi-Master and other sophisticated setups will need either a "director" that will prune old state from the leader or will not allow automatic deployment of new followers.

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