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Log-courier base image

This docker image is the base image for log-courier images. It provides the skeleton for specific log-courier images where you basically just need to modify the configuration file.


This base image contains supervisord to start confd and log-courier. Confd and supervisord are already configured so images based on this image only need to provide a custom log-courier configuration file.

Service Discovery

Confd and etcd is used to listen to logstash instances. All logstash instances are written in the configuration file as servers.
The listening path in etcd is:


The following information is used:


Write service specific log-courier docker image

To write your own log-courier docker image usually all you need to do is to modify the configuration file template.
Specify which log file(s) you want to ship under the files section and it should already work.

Log courier variables

In the configuration file for log-courier you can use some special variables which are replaced before the configuration is loaded by log-courier:

  • %hostname% -> Hostname where the logs come from
  • %service-id% -> service ID of the service

These variables get replaced when the container is started with the environment variables LOG_SRC_ID and LOG_SRC_HOSTNAME.

docker run --name zurmo_log_courier_any \
        -e "ETCD_ENDPOINT=$(ip route | awk '/docker0/ {print $NF }'):4001" \
        -e "LOG_SRC_HOSTNAME=host1" \
        -e "LOG_SRC_ID=1" \
        --volumes-from name_of_the_service_container \

Log cleanup

If there are logs in the path /var/log/collectd from collectd, they will be cleaned up by a cronjob run every day at 01:00.
This cleanup deletes files older than one day in the given path.

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