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TeamSpeak3 server as a Docker image!
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TeamSpeak3 Docker image

TeamSpeak3 server as a Docker image!


This container has been preconfigured to store and access configuration and
logs from a volume folder at /data. The respective parameters are defined as
part of the entrypoint. When defining custom parameters, you should expand
on these parameters by specifying them as command, not as entrypoint.

You will have to agree to the TeamSpeak3 server license by either setting the
environment variable TS3SERVER_LICENSE to accept (you can also set it
to view to view it) or by passing the command line parameter license_accepted=1.


You can run this image directly like this:

docker run --name teamspeak3-server \
  -e TS3SERVER_LICENSE=accept \
  -v /path/to/ts3/data:/data:Z


Here is an example configuration for docker-compose:

version: "3.3"


    image: icedream/ts3server

    # You can also build the image directly from GitHub like this:
    #  context:
    #  # Uncomment to use Alpine image variant. Builds Debian image variant
    #  # otherwise.
    #  #dockerfile: alpine.Dockerfile
    #  # You can set any of the build arguments
    #  args:
    #    TS3SERVER_VERSION: 3.2.0
    #    TS3SERVER_SHA384: <sha384 sum of the version you want to build for>
    #    TS3SERVER_URL: <direct URL to a mirror of the TeamSpeak3 version>
    #    # ...

      - ts3server_data:/data

      - "9987-9999:9987-9999/udp" # voice/virtual server UDP ports
      - "10011:10011" # query TCP port
      - "30011:30011" # file transfer TCP port

      TZ: Europe/Berlin # set timezone
      TS3SERVER_LICENSE: accept # accept server license

    # Define custom parameters for the server here. Especially useful for
    # automatic first-time setup.
    #  - dbplugin=ts3db_mariadb
    #  - dbpluginparameter=ts3db_mariadb.ini
    #  - dbsqlcreatepath=create_mysql/

Note: If you mount a host path as data volume, make sure you created the
folder beforehand and set up permissions in a way to allow for a user with the
ID 9999 to read from and write to the directory. You can follow one of these

  1. chown 9999:9999 /path/to/ts3/data
  2. chmod 777 /path/to/ts3/data


To make TeamSpeak3 store its SQL data to a MySQL or MariaDB instance, you need
to pass the following parameters to the container:

  • dbplugin=ts3db_mariadb (don't change this)
  • dbpluginparameter=ts3db_mariadb.ini (you can use any file name, this is where the MySQL/MariaDB settings will be read from relative to the data directory)
  • dbsqlcreatepath=create_mariadb/ (don't change this, this is relative to the TeamSpeak3 installation's SQL folder which is located at /opt/teamspeak3/sql/)

Activating server license

Server license keys should be pasted as-is in the /data volume folder.

Alternatively, you can change the path from which to read the license key using
the parameter below:

  • licensepath=/path/to/license.key

Useful for providing the license key as configuration file for Docker Swarm.

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