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A Docker container to ease development with Canonical's Mojo
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Mojobox is an extension of charmbox which adds tools for developing with Mojo.

Getting Started

Grab a local copy of your Mojo project, for example: bzr branch lp:~ost-maintainers/openstack-mojo-specs/mojo-openstack-specs /home/ubuntu/mojo-openstack-specs.


docker run --rm -ti --net=host -v $LOCAL_MOJO_REPO:/home/ubuntu/mojo -v $LOCAL_MOJO_REPO/home/ubuntu/.juju iceyec/mojobox"

Doing this lets you manage your juju 1.25.* environment from within the Docker container. I alias the above command as mojobox which lets me get started quickly.

After booting the "mojobox", you will be greeted with some light directions to get started with using it:

welcome to Mojobox
To get started, run ./ [series=trusty]
    go-mojo specs/full_stack/next_deploy/icehouse
pointing at YOUR spec file!
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