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Docker image for weechat with mosh and ssh support
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Weechat on Docker



Normally, the container will store all the weechat configuration and components within the container, so when the container is replaced, the configuration will go away. To fix that, do this on the docker host:

Run the following as whatever user you use to manage docker. You can put the file anywhere you like, really.

mkdir ~/.weechat
chown 1000 ~/.weechat


The image is designed to boot directly into ssh, and you can ssh into the docker image with your public key. You'll need to boot it with the right options:

WEECHAT_ID=$(docker run -d -p 22 -e PUB_KEYS="<content of public key>" -v /root/.weechat:/home/docker/.weechat amdtech/weechat)

If you don't set the PUB_KEYS environment variable, the logs will show that and the image will not boot.

Replace /root/.weechat with whatever directory you actually created.

To get the port weechat is running on, run the following:

DOCKER_IP=$(curl --silent
WEECHAT_PORT=$(docker port $WEECHAT_ID 22 | cut -d: -f2)

Once you've done that, you can ssh to the image with:

ssh -l docker $DOCKER_IP -p $WEECHAT_PORT

If you don't want to deal with this, you can boot the image with a designated public port so it never changes:

docker run -d -p 19122:22 -e PUB_KEYS="<content of public key>" amdtech/weechat


You can either use the trusted build on the index, or grab this repo and build it yourself with:

docker build -t <username>/<repo> .
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