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icometrix dicom router, based on RSNA-CTP
Full Description

icometrix dicom router, based on our fork of John Perry's RSNA-CTP

Please note the current code in our fork is not in sync with the provided image here. This should change soon.

Default case

You should have received a config.xml file from us. This command should start the container:

docker run -v /path/to/provided/config.xml:/usr/src/ctp/build/CTP/config.xml -p 9104:9104 -p 9000:9000 icometrix/icometrix-dicom-router:latest

Note: /path/to/provided/config.xml should be absolute

Default case: If you need more control...

  • To check for incoming data (import_pipeline) add:
    -v /path/to/existing/folder/import_pipeline:/usr/src/ctp/build/CTP/import_pipeline
  • To check for outgoing data (export_pipeline) add:
    -v /path/to/existing/folder/export_pipeline:/usr/src/ctp/build/CTP/export_pipeline

With anonymisation and de-anonymisation

Following files should also be provided by us:

  • DicomAnonymizer-Decrypt.script
  • DicomAnonymizer-Encrypt.script

Add the following flags:
-v /path/to/DicomAnonymizer-Decrypt.script:/usr/src/ctp/build/CTP/scripts/DicomAnonymizer-Decrypt.script
-v /path/to/DicomAnonymizer-Encrypt.script:/usr/src/ctp/build/CTP/scripts/DicomAnonymizer-Encrypt.script


  • /path/to/script should be absolute
  • Don't forget also to modify the config.xml file accordingly
  • Both scripts contain a field <p t="ENCRYPTIONKEY">dummy</p>, please make sure you added your own value
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