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For running Second Life and OpenSim automated agents based on the Corrade scripted agent system
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Corrade ( ) is a scripted
agent/bot written in C# that can log in multiple avatars and respond to commands
with an extensive API to bridge in world and out-world systems.

This docker image hosted in the registry as iconmeta/corrade allows you to
run Corrade in a docker container easily. There is no configuration file included in
the image, so you need to pass one in when you run the image:

    docker run -d -P -v /path/to/my/Corrade.ini:/usr/src/app/Corrade/Corrade.ini --restart "always" --name mybot1 iconmeta/corrade

To attach to your running container to view logs or something:

    docker exec -it bot /bin/sh
      $ tail -f logs/Corrade.log

This image uses alpine linux to try to get the size down even though the mono
runtime is monstrous.

If you are running this container on a host that is remote (maybe something created
with docker-machine on Amazone EC2 or DigitalOcean) then you can't use the
-v SOURCE:DEST format and should create the container but not start it and copy your
configuration into place then run it:

    docker create  -P  --restart "always" --name mybot1 iconmeta/corrade
    docker cp Corrade.ini mybot1:/usr/src/app/Corrade/Corrade.ini
    docker start mybot1

To use the image you don't need to build it, but if you want to build the image
yourself clone this repository and run:

    docker build -t YOUR_ORG/corrade .

Submit pull requests if you find issues or make enhancements.
The Dockerfile that creates this image is hosted on github:

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