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Openshift s2i builder for reveal.js
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Reveal.js Presentation Openshift Source-to-image

Build Docker image

docker build -t iconoeugen/s2i-reveal-js .

Want to try it right now?

To make the presenation available under a different context path, you can change the the following line accordingly:


Download the latest Openshift S2I tool and run the build:

s2i build --context-dir=test/test-app -e CONTEXT_PATH=${CONTEXT_PATH} iconoeugen/s2i-reveal-js reveal-js-sample-app

Test the generated documentation:

docker run -p 8080:8080 reveal-js-sample-app

Accessing the application:


Debug the scripts

To start each script manually to build the presentation and to run the HTTP server, you can start a docker instance:

docker run -it --rm -p 8080:8080 -u $UID -v $PWD/test/test-app:/tmp/src iconoeugen/s2i-reveal-js bash

To build the presentation inside the running container:


To run the HTTP server inside the running container:


Environment variables

To set these environment variables, you can place them as a key value pair into a .s2i/environment file inside your source code repository.


    The prefix of a URL path where the presentation will be made available. (Default: /)

Initialize documentation in source code repository

docker run -it --rm -u $UID -v docs:/opt/app-root/src s2i-reveal-js bash

Populate the presentation with a new Sphix documentation

Openshift deploy template

Create image stream

You must create an image stream for the S2I image builder before creating an application:

oc create -f openshift/image-stream.json -n openshift

Upload application template

To upload the template to your current project’s template library, pass the JSON file with the following command:

oc create -f openshift/template.json
Docker Pull Command