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Short Description
A minimal sliztaz (4.0) 32-bit image with: `bash`, `busybox`, `glibc-base`, ...
Full Description

Source script that generates the base image:

This image is a base image for future image. It's as minimal as possible. The size is incredibly small: it's about 10.0MB. That's quite enough to build new Docker images.

List of packages:

bash                    4.2.53            system-tools
busybox                 1.18.4            base-system
bzlib                   1.0.6             utilities
coreutils               8.12              system-tools
curl                    7.23.1            network
gettext-base            base-system
glibc-base              2.13              base-system
libcrypto               1.0.0g            security
libcurl                 7.23.1            network
libidn                  1.21              system-tools
libssl                  1.0.0g            development
libtaz                  1.6               base-system
ncurses                 5.9               base-system
ncurses-common          5.9               base-system
openssl                 1.0.0g            security
readline                6.2               system-tools
slitaz-base-files       4.6               base-system
tazpkg                  4.9.2             base-system
zlib                    1.2.6             base-system
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