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Bedlam is a set of Scheme libraries for SISC conveniently packaged together.

To use this code you should simply do (replace the directory entry below by the place where you decompressed bedlam):

(begin (define iasylum-bedlam-location "/base/bedlam/") (load (string-append iasylum-bedlam-location "iasylum/init.scm")))

under SISC 1.16.6 or later (there is a version of it bundled in bedlam itself).

Another option is simply including jars/bedlam-bundle.jar and the other .jar files in lib in your project and using the BedlamBundleInit java class.

Finally, docker images are provided. See docker/ and docker-ubuntu/.


This was developed during years and supports several production deployments of SISC. Sisc is a great Scheme implementation and having a big glob of wrappers and general scheme utilities to use in multiple projects has proved very useful.

What is supported?

  • XML through the sxml ( library ( some easy-to-grasp included in ./docs/sxml-tutorial.html ).

  • Basic job scheduling support using Quartz ( to schedule Scheme Closures for execution using crontab-like notation.

  • jcode - an alternative FFI for Java that is really easy to use.
    Two examples (of use of jcode):

  • Alex Shinn's: implementation of a pattern-matching library (see match.pdf inside for details on how to use it), irregex ( ) excelent regular expressions & SRE library, and fmt (for formatting things to strings - beware that it as it stands fails for huge exact numbers).

  • SRFI-88 (keyword objects / support (reference implementation used - no self-evaluation property of keyword objects).

  • SRFI-89 (optional and named parameters / support.

  • A simple queue implementation (based on java.util.concurrent.ConcurrentLinkedQueue). Also experimental code to use the hornetq queuing service.

  • Basic support for i18n (retrieving messages from bundles).

  • Excel parsing and spreadsheet generation in Scheme (used Apache Poi - - underneath) - including list->spreadsheet, for-each-excel-sheet-data and converting excel's Dates to Scheme dates.

  • Access database reading using the Jackcess library.

  • Misc utilities for dealing with jdbc in postgresql and java.(result-set->iterator; etc). MySql support is also included.

  • Clojure: embedded interpreter, utilities for easily running clojure code inside strings.

  • Javascript: utilities to run js code with embedded Javascript interpreter (Rhino); object Notation ( parser, generator and utilities: json-read, json-write, scheme->json, json->scheme.

  • Memoize functionality.

  • Simple logging facilities.

  • A packrat parser (ported from PLT Scheme).

  • Password generation module (ported from PLT Scheme).

  • Dorai Sitaram's Schelog embedding of Prolog in Scheme

  • Aubrey Jaffer's Slib ( library which brings a LOT of functionality to scheme.

  • Olin Shivers' let-optionals (low-level / define-macro).

  • Sparse arrays and sparse vectors taken from Chicken Scheme (as-is).

  • Debugging facilities - you can stop in the middle of execution of a function and get hold of a REPL with local variables you specify (taken from a mailing list post).

  • Very easy to use JMX support (making creating of interfaces and all that mess unnecessary to expose beans).

  • A few other misc utilities (small things like a log where you are able to specify a base, a loop macro, each-for, a version of for-each with swapped arguments, and many others) and examples scattered.

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