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Shadowsocks with kcptun (Forked from
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On server run:
docker run -d --restart=always -e 'SS_PASSWORD=SHADOWSOCKS_PASSWORD' -e 'KCPTUN_PASSWORD=test' -e 'SS_METHOD=rc4-md5' -p 8338:8338/tcp -p 41111:41111/udp --name=my-kcp-ss ihciah/ss-kcp

On client run:
client_windows_amd64.exe -r "YOUR_SERVER:41111" -l ":13333" -mode fast2 --key test

And config shadowsocks with SHADOWSOCKS_PASSWORD、rc4-md5、localhost:13333


In fact, I didn't find it so much useful. I tested both kcptun and finalspeed, the kcptun cost nearly 8 times bandwidth, which finalspeed only cost 1.36 times. Also, the speed of kcptun is very slow comparing to finalspeed.
In the later testing, I used serverspeed and achieved both good speed and bandwidth cost, which is strongly suggested.

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