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GProM container with support for SQLite including the github repository example
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GProM is a database middleware that adds provenance support to multiple database
backends. Provenance is information about how data was produced by database
operations. That is, for a row in the database or returned by a query we capture
from which rows it was derived and by which operations. The system compiles
declarative queries with provenance requests into SQL code and executes this SQL
code on a backend database system. GProM supports provenance capture for SQL
queries and transactions, and produces provenance graphs explaining existing and
missing answers for Datalog queries. Provenance is captured on demand by using a
compilation technique called instrumentation. Instrumentation rewrites an SQL
query (or past transaction) into a query that returns rows paired with their
provenance. The output of the instrumentation process is a regular SQL query
that can be executed using any standard relational database. The instrumented
query generated from a provenance request returns a standard relation that maps
rows to their provenance. Provenance for transactions is captured retroactively
using a declarative replay technique called reenactment that we have developed
at IIT. GProM extends multiple frontend languages (e.g., SQL and Datalog) with
provenance requests and can produce code for multiple backends (currently
Oracle). For information about the research behind GProM have a look at the IIT
DBGroup's webpage:


Short version:

sudo make install

Long version:

For detailed instruction see the GProM wiki:

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