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pywb setup with proxying to IA or other existing deployments
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pywb IA Tools

This project contains the setup for running pywb web archive replay system with the Internet Archive web archives.

It is still in experimental/alpha phase and should only be used for testing replay only.


pip install -r requirements.txt which includes installing latest pywb and uwsgi and gevent.

Run with uwsgi uwsgi.ini (The current default is gevent+uwsgi but feel free to modify uwsgi.ini as needed)

Available Tools

Alternate Wayback Machine Replay /web/

  • /web/ -> replays from

For example, http://localhost:8080/web/20111231161728// will replay equivalent content from
using pywb replay system.

Archive-It Service Replay /ait/

  • /ait/ -> replays from<COLLID>
  • /ait/all/ -> replays from

<COLLID> corresponds to a collection from the service.

Single Item Replay /item/

  • /item/<ITEMNAME> -> replays from WARC files stored under<ITEMNAME>

For any public ITEMNAME that has a cdx files, replay content from that item only.
This will download the item .idx file locally on first use, and access the .cdx.gz and WARC remotely.
The item's .idx, .cdx.gz and WARC files must be accessible for this to work.

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