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This image is configured to be launched along with two redis containers (redis-A, redis-B). Make sure that you have started redis containers before running twemproxy container. Also keep in mind that naming for redis containers is important, it means that your redis containers must have name 'redis-A' and 'redis-B'.

Twemproxy is listening port 6000

#How to run

run redis containers

docker run -i -t -d --name redis-A ilchuk/redis
docker run -i -t -d --name redis-B ilchuk/redis

run twemproxy which is linked with redises that were launched above
docker run -t -i -d --name twemproxy-A --link redis-A:redis-A --link redis-B:redis-B ilchuk/twemproxy:latest

On host machine
1) Inspect network in order to find twemproxy IP

docker network inspect bridge

"Containers": {
"f07ecfa8603d2d7951189d9f749ca37d1f8026ced4c8845c1a2909cf58100c5f": {
"Name": "twemproxy-A",
"EndpointID": "ea4d1c6541b5e9be1b43b57f1b611c00da92a67b96ab2dc890385603108aadd1",
"MacAddress": "02:42:ac:11:00:07",
"IPv4Address": "",
"IPv6Address": ""

2) try to connect to the twemproxy via redis-cli

redis-cli -h -p 6000

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