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Quake Live Dedicated Server - Freeze Tag Tournament Ruleset
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Adapted from dpadgett/ql-docker. Modified to suit personal needs. A Docker image for running a dedicated Quake Live server. It includes installation of minqlx and bundles most of the custom maps from the Steam workshop.

Installation and Usage

To start a new server using this image:

  1. Create a directory to store the persistent Redis database files in your home directory. For this example I called it ql-redis.
  2. Launch a Redis container: sudo docker run -d --name redis -v /home/yourusername/ql-redis:/data redis
  3. Launch the Quake Live server container: sudo docker run -p 27960:27960/udp -p 27960:27960/tcp --link redis:latest -d --name ql -e name="Example: Freeze Tag | 6v6 | Tournament Ruleset - Dallas, TX" -e admin="76561198164603127" illusionld/qlds-ft

This can be automated using Docker's Tutum service, which adds remote log viewing and resource monitoring. See the included ql-rbx.yml and ql-sjc.yml files for example Tutum stack definitions.

The image exposes a few environment variables to control deployment:

  1. name: The name of the server
  2. admin: The steamid of the server admin. This person will automatically get rcon access to the server when they are connected.
  3. gameport: The port to start the server on.
  4. rconport: The port to listen for remote rcon connections from.

To use a custom server configuration, or to add additional files, you can either fork this repository and edit the included files and then build a new image, mount the files into the container using docker's -v localpath:containerpath option, or go into the container and edit them manually using sudo docker exec -t -i containerid /bin/bash.


  1. Fork it!
  2. Commit your changes: git commit -am 'Add some feature'
  3. Push to the branch: git push
  4. Submit a pull request :D


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