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Version without the GUI requirements
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The official docker for w3af is available.

The reason I made this is that I do not plan to use GUI version of w3af at all. I do not want to install ssh-server inside container and want to keep Dockerfile as simple as possible.


Clone repo and build image:

git clone
docker build -t my-w3af .


Console version

NOTE: w3af console has issues on alpine

docker run -it -v /home/username/w3af-share:/home/w3af/share my-w3af ./w3af_console

The /home/username/w3af-share is a directory for sharing outputs, profiles etc between host and container. Caveat: ~/w3af-share should be user-owned directory (nonroot).

Start API

docker run -p -it my-w3af ./w3af_api -u YOUR_USERNAME -p $(echo -n "YOUR_PASSWORD" | sha512sum | cut -d ' ' -f1)


Drop unneeded container capabilities (need further testing):

docker run --cap-drop NET_RAW --cap-drop SYS_CHROOT --cap-drop MKNOD -it -v /home/username/w3af-share:/home/w3af/share my-w3af ./w3af_console

docker run --cap-drop NET_RAW --cap-drop SYS_CHROOT --cap-drop MKNOD -p -it -v /home/username/w3af-share:/home/w3af/share my-w3af ./w3af_api -u YOUR_USERNAME -p $(echo -n "YOUR_PASSWORD" | sha512sum | cut -d ' ' -f1)
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