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Half-Life Dedicated Server.
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Half-Life Dedicated Server

This is docker image to run the hlds.

Image size: 280 MB

From image: centos


$ docker run -d -v /path/to/game/:/data imega/hlds:1.0.0 -binary ./hlds_i686 -game cstrike -console -insecure -nomaster -port 27015 +sv_lan 1 +map gg_dry


$0 [-game <game>] [-debug] [-norestart] [-pidfile] [-binary [hlds_i486|hlds_i686|hlds_amd]] [-timeout <number>] [-gdb <gdb>] [-autoupdate] [-steamerr] [-ignoresigint] [-beta <version>] [-debuglog <logname>]


  • -game <game> Specifies the <game> to run.
  • -debug Run debugging on failed servers if possible.
  • -debuglog <logname> Log debug output to this file.
  • -norestart Don't attempt to restart failed servers.
  • -pidfile <pidfile> Use the specified <pidfile> to store the server pid.
  • -binary <binary> Use the specified binary (no auto detection).
  • -timeout <number> Sleep for <number> seconds before restarting a failed server.
  • -gdb <gdb> Use <dbg> as the debugger of failed servers.
  • -steamerr Quit on steam update failure.
  • -beta <version> Make use of a beta version of this server from Steam
  • -ignoresigint Ignore signal INT (prevents CTRL+C quitting the script).
  • -notrap Don't use trap. This prevents automatic removal of old lock files.

Note: All parameters specified as passed through to the server including any not listed.


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