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FROM openjdk:10 MAINTAINER Ralph Soika <> USER root # Create the 'imixs' user and group used to launch processes # The uid and gid will be set to 901 to avoid conflicts with offical users on the docker host. RUN groupadd -r imixs -g 901 && \ useradd -u 901 -r -g imixs -m -d /home/imixs -s /sbin/nologin -c "imixs user" imixs && \ chmod 755 /opt # Set the working directory WORKDIR /opt # set environments ENV WILDFLY_VERSION 13.0.0.Final ENV WILDFLY_HOME=/opt/wildfly ENV WILDFLY_DEPLOYMENT=$WILDFLY_HOME/standalone/deployments ENV WILDFLY_CONFIG=$WILDFLY_HOME/standalone/configuration ENV DEBUG=false # Add the WildFly distribution to /opt, and make wildfly the owner of the extracted tar content # Make sure the distribution is available from a well-known place RUN curl$WILDFLY_VERSION/wildfly-$WILDFLY_VERSION.tar.gz | tar zx \ && ln -s $WILDFLY_HOME-$WILDFLY_VERSION/ $WILDFLY_HOME # Add the Wildfly start script ADD $WILDFLY_HOME/ ADD $WILDFLY_HOME/ RUN chmod +x $WILDFLY_HOME/ $WILDFLY_HOME/ # add eclipsliknk configuration COPY modules/ $WILDFLY_HOME/modules/ # change owner of /opt/wildfly RUN chown -R imixs:imixs $WILDFLY_HOME/ VOLUME /home/imixs # Set home directory WORKDIR /home/imixs USER imixs # Expose the ports we're interested in EXPOSE 8080 9990 CMD ["/opt/wildfly/"]
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