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Imixs-Workflow engine
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Imixs-Workflow is an open source workflow engine for human-centric business process management (BPM). Human-centric BPM means to support human skills and activities by a task orientated workflow-engine.

With this docker image you can run Imixs-Workflow as a microservice in a docker container.
The Imixs-Microservice project encapsulates the Imixs-Workflow Engine into a RESTful web service interface. The Imixs-Microservice can be bound to any business application, independent from the technology behind. In this architectural style the business logic can be changed without changing a single line of code.

A business process can be described by a BPMN Model using the Eclipse based Imixs-Workflow-Modelling Tool. Business data can be created, published and processed either in XML or JSON format.

See also [Marin Fowlers Blog)( for further information about the concepts of microservices.

See also the Imixs-Microservice Project on GitHub to learn more about how to use the imixs-microservice.

Imixs-Admin Client

The Imixs/Imixs-Microservice image contains the latest version of the Imixs-Admin Client. The Imixs-Admin Client can be used to administrate a Imixs-Workflow instance

<img src="imixs-admin-client-01.png" width="800" />


How to Run

To run Imixs-workflow in a Docker container, the container need to be linked to a postgreSQL database container. The database connection is configured in the Wildfly standalone.xml file and can be customized to any other database system.

1. Starting a Postgress Container

To start a postgreSQL container run the following command:

docker run --name imixs-workflow-postgres -d -e POSTGRES_DB=imixs-microservice -e POSTGRES_PASSWORD=adminadmin postgres:9.6.1

This command will start a Postgres container with a database named 'imixs-microservice'. This container can be liked to the Imixs-Workflow Container.

2. Starting Imixs-Workflow

After the postgres database container started, you can run the imixs/workflow container with a link to the postgres container using the following command:

docker run --name="imixs-workflow" -p 8080:8080 -p 9990:9990 \
         -e WILDFLY_PASS="adminadmin" \
         --link imixs-workflow-postgres:postgres \

The link to the postgres container allows the wildfly server to access the postgress database via the host name 'postgres' which is mapped by the --link parameter. This host name is used for the data-pool configuration in the standalone.xml file of wildfly.

You can access the Imixs-Microservice from you web browser at the following url:


More details about the imixs/wildfly image, which is the base image for Imixs-Workflow, can be found here.


You can simplify the start process of Imixs-Workflow by using 'docker-compose'.
The following example shows a docker-compose.yml file for imixs-workflow:

  image: postgres:9.6.1
    POSTGRES_PASSWORD: adminadmin
    POSTGRES_DB: imixs-microservice

  image: imixs/workflow
    WILDFLY_PASS: adminadmin
    - "8080:8080"
    - "9990:9990"
    - postgres:postgres

Run start imixs-wokflow with docker-compose run:

docker-compose up


General information about Imixs-Workflow can be found the the project home. The sources for this docker image are available on Github. Please report any issues.

To build the image from the Dockerfile manually checkout the sources and run:

docker build --tag=imixs/workflow .

If you have any questions concerning the Imixs-Microservice please see the Imixs-Microservice Project on GitHub

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