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Partkeepr Docker Image
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partkeepr docker image

This is the repository for the trusted builds of the mhubig/partkeepr
partkeepr docker image releases.

The most resent version is: 1.3.0

To use it, you need to have a working docker installation. Start by running
the following command:

docker run -d -p 80:80 --name partkeepr mhubig/partkeepr

Or to run it together with a MariaDB database container.

docker-compose up

Now go to the partkeepr setup page (e.g.: http://localhost/setup) and follow the directions. To get
the authentikation key you can use something like:

docker exec -it partkeepr cat app/authkey.php


docker-compose exec -it partkeepr cat app/authkey.php

The default database parameters are:

HOWTO manually build the docker image

make build
make tag
docker-compose up
Docker Pull Command