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WorldCon REST server
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Worldcon 75 API Service

Development Environment

This provides a sample development environment for the Worldcon 75 API service. Our stack is Scala 2.11, Play Framework 2.4 and PostgreSQL 9.4.

The environment is provisioned via Docker containers.

  1. Install Docker Toolbox. Or on Linux you could just install Docker Client and Docker Compose.

  2. Step through the platform-appropriate Getting Started Guide (OS X/Windows/Linux). If you cannot complete step three, "Find and run the whalesay image", then do not proceed further, instead contact @hakamadare for assistance.

  3. Check out this repository and open a terminal session at the top-level directory.

  4. Write a .env file in the docker directory. A sample file is in Google Drive, in the DevOps folder.

  5. You can install a Java Dev environment or use a Docker composition to build the project.

    1. Normal install - recommended for Scala developers.
      1. Install Java 8, ensure java and javac is on the path.
      2. Install sbt
      3. Install IntelliJ Community Edition (Optional.)
      4. Run sbt copyPackage in the hakkapeliitta directory.
    2. Docker build
      1. Edit the DEV_UID and DEV_GID variables in docker/build-environment/sbt/Dockerfile to match your host UID and GID
      2. run docker-compose run sbt in docker/build-environment
  6. Run docker-compose build in the docker directory.

  7. Run docker-compose up -d

  8. You can view docker-compose logs to view the logs from the all containers mixed together. You can also do, for instance, docker-compose logs proxy to get the nginx logs.

  9. docker-compose kill, docker-compose rm -f and repeat steps 5-7 to wipe out and deploy a new version of Hakkapeliitta.

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