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Datadog agent container that can load configuration files from a git repository.
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Datadog agent inside a container optimized for Tutum, with added support for storing configuration in a git repository.

See the DataDog image and Tutum image for configuration instructions.


We use a single repository with subfolders for each stack (e.g. staging / production).
Each subfolder then contains conf.d/ and checks.d/ folders which are set up for the specific services running in each stack.

To update the configuration, we push to the git repository and redeploy the Datadog Agent container.

Additional Environment Variables

  • SSH_KEY - If using a private repo, base64 encode a certificate that has at least read access.
  • GIT_SSH_REPO - path to the git repository similar to what you would use with git clone, e.g. ``
  • GIT_TREEISH - defaults to HEAD, but allows for specifying things like branch_name:subfolder\
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