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CentOS 6.5 with Chef 11 client installed. The image takes Chef server URL as an environment variable and validation.pem file as a mountable file (see full description on how to use it).
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Example: I have validation.pem file in /vagrant/chefclient directory. To launch a Docker container, I simply attach this directory as a volume to containers.

sudo docker run -itdh -v /vagrant/chefclient/validation.pem:/etc/chef/validation.pem -e CHEF_SERVER_URL="" imtiaz/chef-client:latest /bin/bash

The client.rb file has the following content:

log_level          :info
log_location       "/var/log/chef/client.log"
ssl_verify_mode    :verify_none
chef_server_url    ENV['CHEF_SERVER_URL']
client_key         "/etc/chef/client.pem"

This validation.pem file is generated by the Chef server.

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