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A docker image for easy deployment on-prem
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This repo should contain most of what you need in order to get a local
ReadTheDocs instance up and running.

Getting up and Running

  • You'll need to install Docker
    and Docker Compose.
  • Clone this repository
  • Inside of the repository folder, create a key folder, and inside place a
    private key (id_rsa, NOT that your Docker instance will use
    to access your private repositories. You may want to set up a new github
    account, or at, at the minimum, create a new private key for this.
    Alternatively, you can also bind-mount in your key to /root/.ssh/id_rsa
    and pull the image docker pull inanimate/rtd instead of bulding yourself.
  • Setup the file. You're welcome to copy the example file
    and just bind-mount it inside the container!
    There are a ton knobs that can you tune, so you may want to take a moment to
    familiarize yourself with them.
  • Edit the docker-compose file. The only value that requires changing is the
    RTD_PRODUCTION_DOMAIN environment variable. It should match the domain that
    you're hosting RTD on. e.g. if you're hosting your docs at, then you should set it to It is
    recommended to leave TEST_DATA=yes on first run as it will set things up
    for you, and populate your install with some test projects you can use to
    verify the validity of the installation.
  • From this directory, launch RTD using docker-compose: docker-compose up -d.
    up reads the docker-compose file and will build the necessary images.
    -d starts the instance in detached mode (so you don't need to leave the tty

And that's it! Docker will automatically restart the service should it crash or
if the machine goes reboots.

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