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A container which creates an archive of a directory, compresses, encrypts, and sends off to s3
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Taken from gregory90/file-backup-s3, this image has the necessary utilties for you to perform continuous backup to S3.
The idea is here is to provide an easy ready-to-go way to archive a directory, encrypt it, and push it to Amazon s3.

  • Symmetric Encryption via gpg
  • Compression via xz (lzma2)
  • Extreme configurability via environment variables :)

Up and Running

Without going through and providing all the required env vars, here is a quick docker run line for getting up and running with this container.

docker run -v DIRECTORY_TO_BACKUP:/data:ro inanimate/s3-archive

Environment variables

  • AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID - AWS S3 access key.
  • AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY - AWS S3 secret key.
  • BUCKET - AWS S3 bucket (and folder) to store the backup. i.e. s3://herpderpbucket/folder
  • SYMMETRIC_PASSPHRASE - The gpg symmetric passphrase to use to encrypt your file.
  • DATADIR - The data directory inside the container to archive. (default: /data)
  • TIMEOUT - How often perform backup, in seconds. (default: 86400)
  • NAME_PREFIX - A prefix in front of the date i.e. jira-data-dir-backup (default: backup-archive)
  • GPG_COMPRESSION_LEVEL - The compression level for gpg to use (0-9). (default: 0; not recommended since we're using xz)
  • XZ_COMPRESSION_LEVEL - The compression level for xz (lzma2) to use (0-9). (default: 9; this is the best compression level)
  • CIPHER_ALGO - The cipher for gpg to utilize when encrypting your archive. (default: aes256)
  • EXTENSION - The extension to use for the backup file i.e. tgz,tar.xz,bz2 (default: .tar.xz.gpg)
  • AWSCLI_OPTIONS - Provide some arguments to awscli (default: --sse; enabling server side encryption) See here for possibilities.
  • TAR_EXCLUDE - Include --exclude statements for content you don't want
    included in the backup.

All other aws-cli variables are also supported.

A few notes

  • Use spaces in your buckets, prefix, or extension at your own risk!
  • I really didn't feel like using cron. Deal with it. (plus, gregory90 did it like this, not me ;)
  • One day, I'll implement asymmetric encryption so you can use your gpg keys. For now, this image does...maybe you could make your own ;P

Restorability has not yet been completed. It is on the roadmap!

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