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A container for demonstration purpose of YouCompleteMe with automatic optimization capabilities
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pull the container:

docker pull incubus/ycm

and run it via:

docker run --rm -it incubus/ycm /bin/bash

A vim instance will open a window that can be used to experiment with a basic example.
The example shows a simple for loop that assigns a value to all members of an array.
The arrows that should appear on the left side of the for loop,
indicate that something was found that can be optimized.
Navigate to this line by the arrow keys and type:

:YcmComplter FixIt

or press F7

the loop will immediately be replaced by an openacc representation of this loop.

changing the unparser

you can change the type of generated code by pressing

F1 - openacc
F2 - openmp
F3 - thread building blocks
F4 - cilk plus
F5 - hpx

due to a problem with vim you need to wait for some seconds and press F6 to restart the background compilation
of your code . this will update the cache and replace the old code substitutions with new ones for the
new code generator.

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