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NPM registry for indix
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S3-Backed Sinopia (Docker image)

Sinopia is a private npm repository server. This version uploads its npm packages into an S3 bucket for easy (and automatic) backup.

Pulling docker-hub image

docker pull ind9/docker-sinopia

Create container

 docker run --name sinopia -d -e SINOPIA_BUCKET=<fill-in> -e SINOPIA_CONFIG=<fill-in> -p 4873:4873 sinopia 

To use the registry

npm set registry http://<docker_host_ip>:4873/

Building and running yourself

  1. Clone the repo:

    git clone 
  2. Change to new directory and build the image:

    cd docker-sinopia
    docker build -t sinopia . 
  3. Run the container:

    docker run --name sinopia -d -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID=<fill-in> -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<fill-in> -e SINOPIA_BUCKET=<fill-in> -e SINOPIA_CONFIG=<fill-in> -p 4873:4873 sinopia 
  4. Sinopia should now be running on your machine at <docker_host_ip>:4873 and syncing its contents to an S3 bucket $SINOPIA_BUCKET


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