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ownCloud app for IndieHosters network!

How to use this image

The easiest is to use our docker-compose.yml.

Make sure you have docker-compose installed. And then:

git clone
cd owcloud
# edit variables:
vi .env
docker-compose up

Once it is done, you can open your browser and connect to the IP of the container: http://container_ip.

If you want to access it via the IP of the HOST, add this line to docker-compose.yml:

    - "80:80"

You can now access your instance on the port 80 of the IP of your machine.

Accees it from Internet

We recommend the usage of TLS, so the easiest is to use the nginx-tls.conf file.

mkdir cert
cd cert
openssl dhparam 2048 -out dhparam.pem
cp your.key cert/private.key
cp your.cert cert/domain.crt
cp root.cert cert/root.crt
chmod 600 cert/private.key

Once it is done, you can connect to the port of the host by adding this line to docker-compose.yml:

    - "443:443"
    - "80:80"


Once started, you'll arrive at the configuration wizzard.


In order to backup, just run the ./BACKUP script. And copy all the data to a safe place.

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